Bauer Street won the 2011quality structure of cup

Column:News List Time:2012-05-31

The Ji'nan city shanty town transforms construction project Baohua Street area6# building is located in Ji'nan City, latitude six road to the East, Bauer street to the north, by Ji'nan city development and Investment Group Limited company development, LIAN Shandong architectural design limited design, the Ji'nan urban construction supervision limited liability company supervision, Ji'nan Shun Joint Construction Group Limited company bear build, construction area of 45048.74m2, two underground floors, thirty-two floors on the ground, building height 90.8m; the foundation for raft foundation, main body for the shear wall structure, project to use12mm thick double-sided dual mode high quality bamboo, on concrete structure surface and dimension control, formwork construction of reasonable design, firm and reliable support reinforcing system, template patchwork tight flat, put an end to theconcrete pouring slurry leakage. In the face of the difficulties encountered in the construction process, the project manager to lead a project team to uphold the company" foundation of life, services to the world" business philosophy, grasping the progress, quality,and safety,2011 by the Ji'nan Quality Supervision Station of the subject of acceptance, and was rated the quality of the highest award --" structural quality cup" award, for the Shun Joint Company to open up the Ji'nan market to step solid one pace